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Geisha Facial

This facial is designed to deeply detoxify facial tissue as it enriches the skin wth potent antioxidants and gentle skin conditioners. The Geisha facial was inspired by the ancient Asian beauty secrets. Crushed freshwater pearls brighten skin as activated charcoal deep- cleans pores and pure ginger stimulates circulation.

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Moroccan Facial

Seattle weather can have a drastic effect on dry skin.
Escape to Morocco for an engaging journey for the senses and treat yourself to restore suppleness and youthful glow.

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Goddess Facial

The is the most decadent facial. Your face will be cleansed twice with my orange souffle cleanser, making you smell irresistibly like orange taffy. Next is a gentle and sweet honey and sugar scrub to exfoliate and soften. Now you are ready for the facial massage! I use a 100% virgin coconut oil for this. It is heavenly. Finally the dark chocolate mask. Once the mask is removed, you will be moisturized and toned. Glow like a goddess!

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Hawaiian Facial

Escape to the islands as you saturate your face with natural vitamins and enzymes harvested from tropical coconuts, mangoes, papayas and pineapples. Purifying clays gently draw toxins from deep within the tissue while luscious fruit enzymes chemically dissolve the web of expired cells that cling to the surface of your skin- revealing a healthy, radiant complexion. Delightfully fresh and deliciously natural, this spa treatment is your one-way ticket to looking young.

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European Facial

The European facial is an individualized treatment. This is a thorough, deep cleansing facial designed to improve the look of the pores, minimize breakouts, softens and leave you looking radiant and glowing. Facial includes gentle cleansing , exfoliation and a light face and neck massage. You will leave feeling exceptionally clean and refreshed.

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Geisha Facial

The Geisha facial was inspired by the ancient Asian beauty secrets. Crushed freshwater pearls brighten skin as pure ginger stimulates circulation.

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Escape to Morocco for an engaging journey for the senses and treat your skin to restore suppleness and youthful glow.

pouring dark chocolate

This is the most decadent facial. Virgin coconut oil and dark chocolate mask followed by a hand and arm massage.

coconut half with leaves

Escape to the islands. Tropical coconuts, mangoes, papayas and pineapples. Purifying clays gently draw toxins from deep within.

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European Facial

Customized facial for your skin. Deep cleansing designed to improve the look of the pores, minimize breakouts and softens.

woman bikini sugaring


Sugaring is the most natural, gentle and effective way of hair removal. The results are far more superior to waxing. Sugaring is less irritating and less painful and will make you significantly smoother.

Djaouida is a certified sugarist and provides sugaring hair removal in Seattle. She is great at creating beautiful brows and is fast and proficient with brazilian sugaring. Djaouida can make anyone who visits leave with a smile on their face. Djaouida’s sugaring hair removal services include:

  • Brazilian
  • Bikini
  • Full Leg
  • Full Arm
  • Brazilian
  • Bikini
  • Full Face
  • Brows
  • Lip
Sugaring Services

Djaouida's Beauty Blog

The Beauty Of Fall And Winter

November is here! That means all kinds of goodies. Pumpkin pies, apple cider, peppermint hot chocolates, Thanksgiving feasts and my favorite... egg nog lattes! Oh how I love November for all these wonderful treats that compliment the season. But that's not all we get this time of year.

For many people, the cold clear days of fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest can bring more than just a rosy glow to the cheeks..(that's me!)
The weather outside may be unsightly, but your skin doesn't have to be. As the temperature drops, we clamor to our heaters and the battle for healthy skin is on. Especially for those who suffer from painful skin conditions. Dry air takes away the thin layer of oil that traps moisture in the skin, flaring those common itchy and painful conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and severe dry skin.

You can minimize these conditions ...

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What Does Activated Charcoal Do For You Skin?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself " Oh no, when did those show up?" Or have you noticed a dullness in your skin tone and bit of sagging here and there? This usually happens when you have neglected your skin's needs to stay healthy and glowing.  A lot of times our skin is just overloaded with dirt and oil and full of toxins from the environment, makeup and even our diet.  You will see a significant difference right away after using activated charcoal in your skincare because it works immediately.

There are many natural resources out there to implement in your daily skincare routine and activated charcoal is just one of them. This amazing natural ingredient does several different things for our body and our skin. It's unique healing properties makes it ideal for skincare. Here are five reasons you should use activated charcoal with your skin...

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About Djaouida

Djaouida specializes in all natural facials and sugaring hair removal in West Seattle.

Djaouida is a very passionate esthetician, who loves what she does. She has a great sense of humor and can make anyone feel confortable even while getting a brazilian.

Because of her love of cosmetic chemistry, it was a dream come true to create facials that use all natural elements. She uses exotic fruits and botanical oils in all her facials including the "European Facial" and her signature "Chocolate Goddess Facial".
All of her facials are irresistibly delicious making it a real treat for yourself.