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Castor Oil: Beauty In A Bottle

Since I got into skincare people always ask me questions on many different conditions. Most of them are the same question. How do I get rid of my crow's feet? What should I use for my wrinkles? What can I do about my age spots? What should I use for my acne?

The answer is there are many natural treatments to use for beautiful, healthy skin. Castor Oil is just one of them! Castor Oil is made from castor bean seeds. It contains Ricinoleic acid, which delivers anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Castor oil also provides natural treatment for minor cuts, burns, abrasions, sunburn, and prevents skin disorders such as acne and eczema. Castor oil is a skin conditioner and serves as a natural emollient, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

Castor Oil has many medicinal and curative uses, and uses the same properties that make an excellent choice for maintaining beautiful and healthy skin and hair. It can be very expensive and discouraging when you buy beauty products that do not work.  I'm giving you some skincare tips that are 100% natural and safe. These are some of my favorite beauty secrets that I would like to share. After all, why should we keep something helpful a secret anyways?


Castor Oil treats acne

The Ricinoleic acid in castor oil works to inhibit many viruses and bacteria. As castor oil is able to penetrate skin tissue deeply, it makes it an effective treatment for acne. To treat acne, lay a damp hot washcloth on your entire face. This should be done at night before going to bed. The heat will gently open the pores on your face. After that, massage a little castor oil into the skin, a little goes a long way. Leave on overnight. Repeat this daily for 1-2 weeks to see results. Some may take longer than others, however if you have continued acne breakouts, you should consult with a Dermatologist. Castor Oil keeps the skin looking smooth, youthful and radiant. Castor oil treats wrinkles, repairing and rejuvenating the skin to make it look flawless and smoother. Castor oil also helps diminish dark circles under your eyes.

Castor Oil's ability to penetrate more deeply than any other essential plant oil makes it an excellent way to keep the skin looking youthful and fresh. One of the best and simplest ways to use castor oil is to rub in a small amount around your eyes before bed, but make sure to wash it off in the morning. You can also rub in castor oil all over your face, but it's extremely thick and sticky, so use sparingly. You can rinse this off after 2-3 hours. In warmer climates this could be a bit uncomfortable so maybe using in the cooler seasons would a better time to use castor oil mask applications. If done daily, this will keep wrinkles at bay and the skin looking fresh, youthful and supple. With regular use over a few months, this can also help reduce and fade dark spots from old pimples and scars.

Castor Oil breaks up external and internal scar tissue, and prevents new scars from forming.

Castor oil will penetrate deep into the tissues to slowly break up scar tissue. Amazingly, castor oil is able to distinguish between healthy cells and abnormal ones. In healthy cells, castor oil will detoxify and stimulate them, while increasing circulation. In abnormal cells like scar tissue and growths, castor oil will instead work to aggressively dissolve cells thanks to its solvent property.


Castor Oil will remove age spots (liver spots)

Rub castor oil onto your age spots every night. The spot will lighten up over time, and continued use eventually removes the age spot completely.


Castor Oil prevents wrinkles

Castor Oil calms down inflammation and prevents wrinkles and softens the skin. It softens the skin by naturally penetrating the skin's surface layers. Apply pure castor oil sparingly onto the delicate skin around your eyes.


Where to buy Castor Oil

Castor oil can be found in most good health food stores. Check the label to make sure it's cold-pressed (or cold-drawn) and hexane-free. This is especially important if you plan to put castor oil on your face, around or in your eyes, or if you plan to ingest it for internal cleansing. Oil that is to be used for skincare must be of the highest quality.


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