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Frequently Asked Questions About Sugaring

Q: Why is sugaring better than waxing and does it really last longer?
A: Sugaring is 100% natural and much more gentle, and less uncomfortable than waxing. It removes the hair from the follicle which not only makes it last longer but it makes your skin smoother without irritation.


Q: Is sugaring okay for sensitive skin?
A: Yes! Sugaring is safe for everyone even the most sensitive skin types.


Q: How long does sugaring last?
A: It generally lasts 4 weeks before hair starts to come back, some longer than others.


Q: Does sugaring really make my hair come in less and softer?
A: Yes! Sugaring consistently for just a few months can make a huge difference in your hair growth and it does come in more sparse.


Q: Do I need to grow out my hair for very long before I come in to be sugared?
A: Nope. Sugar can remove hair as short as 1/16 of an inch. So you don't have to walk around hairy or fuzzy for long!


Q: Is it safe for me to be sugared while I'm pregnant?
A: Yes absolutely. Since the sugar is 100% natural, there is no danger to you or your baby.


Q: Should I be prepping my skin before I come in to be sugared?
A: Yes. I highly recommend exfoliating your skin prior to your appointments. This makes all the difference in how well the sugar removes the hair and how well your skin looks and feels after.

Also, it is a really good idea to be well hydrated before your sugaring begins.


Q: Do I need to buy a special exfoliant to prep my skin for sugaring?
A: You do not need to buy anything special; you can make your own natural exfoliant with a simple honey and sugar scrub.

Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 2 tablespoons of sugar brown or white  into a paste. Add a few drops of water and gently exfoliate the areas you are having sugared. This makes the hair let go of the skin and will also help make the experience more comfortable for you.


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