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The Key To Beautiful Skin

Having naturally beautiful skin is a gift. Some of us have it and some of us have to work at it. Either way it doesn't stay that way without maintaining it properly. That means being good to your skin inside and out. What you put on your skin makes a huge difference. The phrase "you get what you give" is absolutely true. Just like what you put in your body makes all the difference in how your body performs and feels. There are so many different products out there and uses for them, it can be very confusing and often times we are using the wrong thing.

As a woman I'm conflicted with the same tendencies as any other when it comes to flashy and fancy packaging, labels and luxurious aromas. But we must remember that without much thought to product efficacy and ingredients we risk the safety of those shiny boxes on the shelves.

One of my ideas to make this process easier was to create facial treatments using real natural products. When you can't pronounce an ingredient you should wonder if it's okay to put on your skin. But when you read ingredients like clay, honey, pumpkin, silk, argan oil, coconut, chocolate etc… you aren't worried about it burning your skin or irritating it. You think ahhh, soothing and yummy. The smells are all there, the senses are awakened and your skin is happy, and that is exactly what each and every facial treatment I have to offer is, soothing, relaxing and decadent treatments. My facials are more than just good for your skin, they are also good for your soul. Many of my clients come in and just want to feel relaxed and pampered while they are getting a good deep cleansing treatment. Those can be totally different elements depending on where you go for your skincare.

I'm proud to say that I give every one of my clients the best facial I can give every time. If I feel a person's stress when they come in, I make a point to relieve some of that stress before they leave. It's one of my favorite steps in giving a facial. We all have so much going on, that these kinds of treatments are necessary and shouldn't be just once a year. They should be done routinely just like taking care of your body, your teeth your hair. Your skin is the largest organ and takes the most abuse.

I use products that are unique in that they are truly what they say they are made of. For instance I have a facial that I call the Goddess Facial. In that treatment I'm targeting dry and dull skin that needs a major beauty boost while giving you the relaxation you deserve. I'm using coconut oil, coconut milk, Peruvian chocolate, organic cocoa and kaolin clay just to name a few of the key components to making this one of my most intoxicating facials. Your skin literally radiates a gorgeous glow and is as smooth as silk.

Whether your skin needs help in reducing a breakout, restoring suppleness, revitalizing it's elasticity or just needs a deep cleansing, you can find exactly what you're looking for on my website. All of my facials are designed to give you a mini vacation or a really good timeout from the busy schedules we walk around with. It's the time you take for yourself that matters to achieve a healthy and happy body, that goes for your skin too.

I'm using a skincare line called Bella Lucce. One of my favorite things about this company is that they truly use the finest ingredients to create the most luxurious skincare on the market. All of which are paraben-free, phthalate-free, silicone- free, petrolatum-free, dye-free and sulfate-free. They carry the guarantee of not testing on animals and are 85% vegan ingredients.

These innovative body products are what helps make my clients skin look and feel it's best. These products are made from some of the most insanely natural, and exotic ingredients from around the globe. I create the treatments to make each one unique and decadent for your skin. I believe in my choice of skincare products and use them every day myself to ensure my skin looks it's best. I have clients who range in their 20's – 60s who all agree that their skin looks amazing after one treatment, and are coming in regularly to maintain their complexions.

The bottom line is rather than using chemical cocktails found in many commercial products, I prefer to utilize what Mother Nature has to offer. French and Moroccan clays, pure silk proteins, raw organic honey, organic shea butter, coconut milk, exotic oils, and an intoxicating array of botanical extracts. Did I mention the facial massage you get with each facial is to drool for. Depending on your choice of treatment, I may use coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, or moroccan incense oil. Either way, your senses will be taken away as I melt the stress out of your skin.

I'm happy to help you with a home care regime custom fit for your skin type, to help maintain beautiful healthy skin in between your facial treatments. It's what I love to do. When you come in to see me for any skin treatment you will leave feeling like a million bucks!


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